Happy Endings

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These puppies have all found their forever homes!

Kellie, Shannon, Elijah, Opie, and Addie

Tara, Bill, and "Chunky Munky"

Dan and Dudley

Maryann and LucyLuu

Kelly and Moto

Steph, Julie, and Tater

Jeff and Eddie

Lori, Mike, and Oliver

Rob, Lisa, and Gunny

The Blanchard family and Biggie

Jennifer and Bella

Carol, Chris, and Oliver

Kevin, Diesel, and Bambi

The Allart family and Daisy

John and Mandy

Erin, Adam, and Romeo

The Tepper Family, Pandora and Bagels

Mike, Charis, and Betti

Duke and the Hackett Family

Lola and the Hacker Family

Susan, Dave and Lil Tank

Tony and Jenn with Elway

Killian, Joni, and Chuckie

The Andreski family with Boo

Lori, Mike and Nellibelle

Katherine, Garth, and Knuckles

Mookie and Adam

Scott, Audrey, and Frank